Luca Gianotti: graduated in Philosophy in 1986, mountain guide since 1992, creator of La Boscaglia trekking tours, and now of Compagnia dei Cammini walking association (www.cammini.eu), alpine skier with important mountain expeditions in his carnet:  the crossing of Vatnajokull (Island), the biggest glacier in the world, the climb of Khan Tengri (7010 m) in Thien Shan (on the border Kirghizistan/Kazakistan). Amongs his adventures, also the crossing in mountain bike of Sahara Desert in Algeria. Walker everywhere in the world, from Patagonia to Thailandia, Albania and Capoverde, Socotra (Yemen) and Norvegia, but he mostly loves Mediterranean walking, Greece, Turkey, South Italy and islands. In Italy he created some walking tours, one of them is “Sentiero Spallanzani” in the Northern Appennins, he wrote the guidebook too. He leads walking groups in Sardegna, Creta, Capo Verde, Majella, Pollino, Murge, Corsica and more. He works to discover all the opportunities of walking as a therapy, and organizes courses of Walking Meditation. His new project is Deep Walking (www.deepwalking.org ). His personal website is www.lucagianotti.it

He runs an agriturism in Abruzzo, named “Casale e Crete” (www.casalelecrete.it ). Here organizes walking tours with donkeys, the first in Italy with the french formula of free tours without guide.

He writes a newsletter called  “Il Cammino” with thousands of readers. He wrote two books in italian “L’arte del camminare” (The art of walking), Ediciclo, 2011, and “Parole in cammino”, Ediciclo 2013. In October 2015 he’ll publish “The Cretan Way. 28 days of walk along the E4” (Edizioni dei Cammini) in two different editions: english and italian.

He is the artistic director of Festival del Camminare (Festival about Walking) in Bolzano.

He had the idea of “CamminaCreta-Walk the heart of Crete” because he loves Crete, a place where he feels “home”.

Stelios Georgedakis comes from Agios Ioannis, a  little village at the foot of the  Lefka Ori, the White Mountains in Crete.
He always loved   mountains and has a good knowledge of the Lefka Ori and  their wild life.
He is the owner of the PACHNES restaurant, bed & breakfast in Agia Roumeli (the south end of the Samaria Gorge): www.pachnes.gr.

“I will do the big walk, in order  to learn more and to feel  this island more.
I believe that in our trip we will meet  and reach more people and send the message that we have to take care of the  wild life of Crete and the environment.
These days many people use nature to make fast money.  It also happens in Crete. In many parts of the island without any control.
The complicated political system, out of touch with reality canʼt protect the mountains the forests and the islandʼs coasts.
-All of us who love   nature and the mountains we have to do what we can to save what we can. Locally perhaps, maybe  one by one we have to fight for our favorite mountain- forest-beach…”

He believes that the idea of his friend Luka Gianotti, CAMMINACRETA is another good step.

Matteo Nobili: Ph.D. in Physics, photographer as a profession, walker for passion.He photographs architectures, because he can study, understand and emphasize it at best, using a slow and deep approach, where the photographer has the full control of the frame, the exposure and the ambient. For the same reason, he is now studying still life photography, where he can control also the lights, the real core of photography.Moreover, he likes reportage and its approach direct and quick: it is the hic et nunc, where the technique is (apparently) less important and the photographer must pre-visualize the events in order to be in the right place at the right moment to freeze their essence and to narrate the feelings they create.He began walking through the path E1 that cross the whole Umbria from north to south and from then on he has never stopped, crossing Liguria from west to east following the Ligurian Mountain Trail and long intervals of the GTA in the valleys near Torino, where he discovered many “exotic” palces close by home.The initial reasons to set out were the eco-sustainability of journeys by foot and their cheapness; then, on the road, he discovered that slowness allow to get any nuance of the crossed places and to know people that it is impossible to meet at higher speed, going deeply inside walking philosophy.It is possible to watch some of his works on www.matteonobili.com

2 thoughts on “Walkers

  1. Hello Luca, i am very much enjoying following your walk from here in the UK. I know a lot of the places and some of the people you have met. I am glad you stayed with the family in Fourfouras, they are very nice people. Did you stay in the ‘Hotel’ in Kamares? I shall be attempting a similar walk in the Spring so i am very interested in hearing about new places to stay. I shall hopefully stay with Stelios at the ‘Pachnes’ in Roumeli and also at the “Beds For Rent’ place in Agios Ioannis. Is that the father of Stelios who lives there? Also, is it possible to stay at Kallikratis. With Janina?
    Keep it up Luca, Stelios and all the best.

    • Hallo Marko! No, the “hotel” in Kamares was closed, we slept under a tree. About Agios Ioannis you find informations on my “day 21”, that I just posted now. For Kallikratis, Janina and Babis in Spring will be quite ready.

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