What has driven me to organize the “CamminaCreta” ?
The first motive is public: to contribute to the revival of E4 in Crete, describing it in all its aspects, from life in Crete to the Gps track of the route. And then I want to tell you something of my personal motives. I am 49 years old and I have a son of 14 months and know that in the future I will not be able to often make such kind of journey far from home.

But this was the right moment, and I took advantage of it. I have no job.The Association for which I worked has closed down. I had founded it 17 years ago, all alone, and from then it has been my job and my passion, to such a degree that I had identified myself too much with it. But later the ups and downs of life contributed to destroy what had appeared to be a good plan, due to internal quarrels. Now I must start all over again; we are founding a new association, but everything will be different. I will not be the only leader, “the unique sun”, of this new system.
We are a group and therefore I myself will be less identified with the new I will learn to keep the two aspects of the project separate and build a combined effort dedicated to walking and my personal activity in that field.

This journey is therefore for me a changeover. Every change passes through a crisis and I myself am coming out of a difficult moment, I don’t hide it from you. And to return to a new life, this yourney is a great opportunity to look into oneself, to overcome a crisis and to come back renewed and full of energy. Crete was the right place for all of this, as I have already explained. Now that I am on leave, I am convinced of it even more. I am in Pyrgos, a small village near Agios Nicholaos; tonight with Fabiana, Giacomo and Matteo I slept in the house of an English couple who have come to live here. We are a few kilometers away from the tourism I don’t like, the tourism of apartment hotels and swimming-pools close to the sea and coffee-bars open all the night, but we are in a village and woken up by hens and dogs.

Today we move further east and, if everything goes well, tomorrow we will start walking from Kato Zakros.
Let “CamminaCreta” start !


One thought on “Motives

  1. Your open spoken words about your inner motivations here at the very beginning of the tour place this walk in a very special light. You want to open You to yourselves and also to all of us. Respect!
    Luca, I wish that this path on Crete is especially for you the beginning of a beautiful future life. In my opinion such a mission can be a very good way to leave old things behind and to rebirth new. Great! I will think about that!

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