Thanks, thanks

Thanks to my feet which have carried me thus far, tired, but without a bladder; thanks to the aromatic oil which massaged them; thanks to the wool socks, so comfortable; thanks to the leather boots, natural and perspiring of Scarpa which have accompanied my walkings for so many years.
Thanks to the equipment that helped me, the window breaker that protected me, the sunglasses, the backpack, the sleeping bag, vital fellow travellers.
Thanks to the technology, to the notebook, to the photocamera, to the gps, to the audiorecorder, to the cellphone: without them all the communication would not have been so rich, and without them it would not be possible my project to write a book about this path.
Thanks to Matteo who shared with me the first 12 days of walk, and thanks to Stelios who went back and forth, working out small problems. It was really pleasant when he walked with me.
Thanks to all the people I met along this route. Those meetings were always beautiful and peaceful. I am sure that I will meet them again. Thanks to all those among them who opened their home offering me hospitality.
Thanks to those who sent me greetings, small messages from afar: their presence made me feel less alone.
Thanks to those who have collaborated to make this journey a project of special communication, made of a blog in three languages (thanks to Marina for the translation into English and to Jorg and Susanne for the translation into German on Radio Kreta), of a gps trace shared live on the portal Movimentolento (thanks to Tommaso, Federico and Alberto). Talking of technologies, thanks to Alberto who taught me to use the gps, thanks to Simone who provided me with extremely useful maps.
Thanks to those who gave money for the projects that I supported, the donkeys of Anatoli and Crete for life. Thanks to those who decide to help these projects even now that the journey is over, sending a contribution (see the Helping page) or organizing a presentation evening of the journey with takings to donate.
Thanks to those who were shocked by the “barrel dogs”, to those who have written letters of protest, to those who will do it, to those who will organize other actions for this problem. If necessary, I am ready to continue this fight!
Thanks to Scarpa and Patagonia because they proved that sometimes a firm can think of something different from profit: their contribution has been generous, they didn’t ask anything in return even in terms of image.
Thanks to mother earth of Crete that has welcomed me, has made me feel its ancient wisdom, has protected me along the route, has made me feel a son among the other sons, insomuch that now, after this journey, I feel “a son of the earth of Crete”.
Thanks to the sun and to the rain, thanks to the mountains and to the sea, thanks to the rocks, to the trees under which I slept (two plane trees, a maple, a thorny oak, two olive trees and at last a cypress), because they have procteted me from the cold, the dampness and the rain.
Thanks to the small country churches which gave me shelter and to the men and women who leave them open or hide the keys where it is possible to find them.
Thanks to the posts of the E4: it was a joy whe they came into sight. Thanks to the men who put them and to those who didn’t remove them.
Thanks to the scent of the Cretan herbs.
Thanks to Fabiana, who supported me; she is so strong in taking upon herself the duties of the house and the little Giacomo, so strong in never making me feel irresponsible, or absent or selfish.

And I am for ever grateful to the master Thich Nath Hanh.
I share with all of you the merit and the pleasure of the CamminaCreta.

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