This man is Eftichis. He works in Samaria Gorge as a Forest Guard since the 90s. One of the most interesting people you can meet in Samaria. Always welcome and kind, speaking English, he is the responsible of Samaria village area.  He loves the gorge an he likes to take care of the village, the buildings, the field, and the kri-kri, the wild goats or Agrimi (like the one in the picture). His parents were from there, before the village was evacuated in the creation of the National Park.

This guy is the right person in the right place! Something difficult to find in Greek public service!

We tell you this story because we decided to give him the prize as “CamminaCreta special person”. And we gave him a pair of  Scarpa mountain boots. Scarpa gave us some shoes to give during the walk to special persons, we waited to give the last one to find the right person. We waited more than one year, but now we are proud of this, Eftichis is very happy of his new shoes and of this acknolegment.

So, if you walk in Samaria Gorge, and you see him in Samaria village, you can stop for a while and talk with this man, could be a very interesting meeeting.

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