A letter


Nice to get letters like this!

Dear Luca,
I have just come across your Cretan Walk Website and the book that you are planning to publish on it. I am thrilled and want to get my hand on an English Version as soon as possible. Please let me know when and how I will be able to buy it.
My wife Silvia and I are passionate walkers and are planning a long distance track from March 2016 to October 2016, starting in Crete, continuing via the E4 on Peloponnese, then via ferry crossing from Patras to Bari, then using the newly established Archangel Michael’s Way to trek Gargano and Abruzzi (hope that your Refugio is on that route;-), then ferry again from Civitavecchia to reach GR 20 on Corsica and on to Marsaille (E 4) to Andorra and GR 10 … and, so god willing, maybe Portugal in the end. Most of the routes are coming together slowly. The only ones I am still struggling with is how to best get from the Archangel Michael Trail to Civitavecchia (for the ferry to Corsica) and the E4 on the Peloponnese, which seems to be difficult to find due to lack of marking as well as guidebooks. It would be great if you had any information on those that you could share or point me towards.
Thanks in advance for your response,

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