Peter Trescher blog about his E4 Cretan Way

In October 2015 Peter Trescher walked all the E4 Cretan Way in 22 days. Here is his interesting blog. He made a fantastic GearList, never saw something similar! And then there’s the story of his walk.


2 thoughts on “Peter Trescher blog about his E4 Cretan Way

  1. Hey Luca
    I am Christian; I intend to do the Cretan way, in May / June next year. I need your help for advices so I manage to walk all along, from east to West.
    Why do I want to do it? My Mom was from Greece and Crete, and it is in her memory that I decided to do it around 10 years ago; now, I am retired, so got time and will to accomplish it.
    I have the book, V1, and read it word after word.
    So far , got only one friend who can do the first 8 days with me…. so I need all your advices, to be able to do it alone, and if I find another person, that would be a plus from ABOVE.

    Merci, grazie, thank you to answering

    PS : I am exercising to be fit for the hike

    • Hi Christian, my first suggestion is also to have a look at the Facebook page Cretan Way, you can find good adivces. Then, go simply, the best is to live the walk every day as a surprise, and problems are usually easy to solve on the way…

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