Route updates

This page  offer the updates on the way, everyone can write directly here (comments), or email to, to help the next walkers. Mistakes in the book, changes on the path, changes in the accommodations, everything useful can be reported here. The future Cretan walkers will thank you!


The route updates to the first edition of the book (print and take with you): find it here

The route updates to the second edition of the book (print and take with you):


Where to stay in Chandras:
in Chandras there’s the 4th change of the woman running the apartment: now is Katerina Manousaki , e-mail

Where to stay in Chrisopigi:
Irene wrote us there’s a new possibility in Chrisopigi for accomodation: you have to contact directly  the owner. Her name is Stella Kirmitzoglou and her phone number is +306974716266. The house is up to 6 persons and soon is going to be at Airbnb too.

Where to stay in Monastiraki :
These are the updated houses for rent in Monastiraki

Ioanna of tavern Kapilio ( is a nice lady, you can ask here help if you have problems with Airbnb rooms.

March 2018: the part from the end of the Kallikratis gorge to Komitates is now marked with two red stripes.

March 2018: now the last day of walk is well marked with two red stripes.

Anavasi has also maps to use on the phone, you can download them with the app PdfMaps (for Iphone the app is Avenza).



3 thoughts on “Route updates

  1. I did “the Cretan way” from psiloritis, starting in gerakari until agia roumeli in June 18. Here are. Just some notes from my route (slightly different than in the book) .

    To get to a good starting Point I took the bus from rethymno to arkadi and walked to gerakari. Strangely I saw some e4 signs close to the arkadi monastery.

    New Asphalt road when descending to kissos
    Hotel in spili: green hotel, nice and cheap

    Spili-agkuseliana (instead of kanevos) :
    I took a shortcut around kanevos.
    Prevelis rent rooms, nice and cheap, next to the BP gas station.
    Taverna tasoula absolutely recommended!

    Agkouseliana-roustika (instead of argiroupouli)
    One of the most Beautiful stages during my trip!
    Hotel: mountain view resort, nice and cheap with an incredibly friendly lady, Who helped me in many issues.

    Roustika – argiroupouli /lappa:
    I was warned there are pigs and dogs running freely around the deserted village of nisi and I should take a stick to protect myself.
    Indeed I met pigs (no danger), but two big angry dogs without chain were blocking the way shortly after nisi (I met many free running dogs on the way, but these seemed dangerous). I turned around and took the detour through nisi, 4km and about 500 m of height., 1hour extra. But Awesome view on this detour, with some fences and gates which are not meant to be opened by hikers.

    Argiroupouli – kallikratis :
    I took the “strong shortcut” from asi Gonia to kallikratis, and it really really is strong. But the marking with two red stripes still is really good and helpful! I wore short pants, which you probably shouldn’t. From asi Gonia to kallikratis kafenion it took me 2hrs 45min. From there I had a taxi waiting to chora sfakion in order to save one day (not enough time till flight home).
    In Sfakia I think Samaria hotel, room 23 is the best you can get and really cheap.

    I hope it might help someone!

  2. Hi Luca
    Thanks for your book : a great support to our own project
    We are planning to start the trip on April 15th 2019
    Can someone update us on where to stay in Chandras : e-mail “” indicated in the update returns an error code, and no-one picks up the phone when we call the number indicated.

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