Route updates to the first edition of the book

Here are the updates to the first edition of the book (print and take with you):

Where to stay: there’s a change in the person that rent rooms in Chandras. Now she is Sofia 694 7690683. Instead of Maria Likaki.

Correction in the description: “Turn left and follow the road to a fork, where it
is possible to descend to Orino. However, we recommend that you avoid this
descent and stay high up unless you need to go to the village. This makes
for a considerable shortcut. To stay high up and take the shortcut, turn right
at this junction.”

The  phone number of Nikos Giannikakis in Prina is wrong, now use this: 0030 6973 439599. This summer someone had problems to sleep here, another evolving situation…

Good news for accomodation. Suzanne and Alistair of the Donkey Sanctuary have a glamping now: “We offer accommodation in a very special tent high amongst the rocks at the sanctuary. We offer dinner, bed and breakfast and can collect people from Prina or Kalamafka and deliver them back to the footpath. We are in Anatoli (Agios Giorgios). Here is a link to our facebook page: ”

A couple of walkers wrote us that on the “off-piste” before Selakano there’s a farmer that does not want people to pass by. Also with bad manners. Tell us if something happened to you, or not. Thanks.

Cleaned and marked with 2 red strips in march 2017.

The monks in Moni Agatatou say that probably from 2018 they will host people in a house they are rebuilding now.

Cleaned and marked with 2 red strips in march 2017.

In Myrtia someone told us there are possibilities of accomodation now. We will try to find it, and inform you. If you find it, inform us!

Change in the path: After Myrtia the way enters a gorge, to go out of it there was a short but diffucoult climb, now we found a better way. After the wooden bridge turn left, enter in a fruit tree place where starts a path cut in the ground to climb the hill, at the first turn it joins the old one. Tha gps tracks are still old so follow this description.

In Archanes another accomodation in the center is Villa Archanes.

DAY 10
Cleaned and marked with 2 red strips in march 2017.

DAY 11
Cleaned and marked with 2 red strips in march 2017.

In Kerasia a nice accomodation in the center of the village is Traditional Stone Mansion House of Soula, tel. 00306977450279, mail

In Kato Asites you can sleep  in Asion Lithos, that makes special prices for Cretan Way walkers (40 euro a double, 60 euro a double in high season from June to September; 7 euro each for breakfast). Website:, email:, mobile +30 6936 72 52 72 (Nikos).

DAY 12
Marked till Prina shelter with 2 red stripes, then follow yellow and black E4 marks.

DAY 16
On the way down from Psiloritis:  the source described on 1280m was only dripping middle of may, so do not count on it.

DAY 17
Cleaned and marked with 2 red strips in march 2017.

In Gerakari another recommended accommodation is Hotel Alexander.

DAY 18
Now the easy  alternative (recommended) is marked with 2 red strips of paint till Kissos.

New description of the easy alternative recommended (takes the place of the one in the book):
“From the junction (bus stop) go up for 1.2 km. You leave the asphalt to take a dirt road on the left, there are signs, two parallel strips of red paint. It passes in front of a small church (Agia Christini) and continues to rise, leaving out all the side ways. Go along with on your right a ditch with a torrent.
You get to an intersection, the main road should be straight parallel to the stream, instead the path turns right, fording the stream and began to climb steeply in an area of outcropping rocks and gravel. It steep climb since to achieve a horizontal road, just at the point where it detaches uphill another narrow road less important, that you take continuing uphill. (Here ends the signs till now) A first closing (open and close), then a slight downhill, then back uphill, open and close a second gate and you get to the pass. At the back we have the peak of Psiloritis, the path continues downhill towards southwest. Shortly after there is a junction, remain on the main road, the one on the right. It arrives to the church of Agios Ioannis, then you reach a leading dirt road, turn left. At the next junction turn right, to get around the gorge on the right side. The road runs around the mountain and begins to descend with hairpin bends, till the exit of the gorge. It continues under the rocky mountain, and passed a building, at the next junction, leave the main road and take a dirt road on the left, which leads downhill to the Kissos cemetery.”

DAY 19
Now the day is all marked with 2 red strips of paint.

2016-02-27 12.16.19

DAY 20
Now the day is all marked with 2 red strips of paint.

In Argiroupoli we suggest you for lunch or dinner the taverna “Arhaia Lippa”, local home food, very gentle owners. It’s just before the entrance of the village.

DAY 21
Now the day is all marked with 2 red strips of paint, and there’s also a shortcut to avoid the asphalt, from Asi gonia to Kallikratis, but it’s for good expert walkers. Here the description:

2.7km – ascent 500m – +- 2hours (all marked with 2 red strips of paint)
Cross the village of Asi Gonia following the direction to Kallikratis. When you exit the village leave the main road to take a small road up to the right. This road soon becomes a dirt track going up to a sheep pen. Pass the gate to climb up on the left of the sheep pen. Go straight towards a wide oak tree with 13 trunks. Keep on going uphill, passing another gate, towards the chapel of Timios Stavros.
From behind the chapel start climbing towards the ridge. Follow that ridge. Sometimes there is a more or less clear “goat path”. Sometimes it requires some scrambling on rocks. Later the track becomes more clear, among some scattered kermes oak and cretan maple trees. On you left accross the valley you can see a dirt road, other sheep pens and a small stone-built church. Follow the relatively clear path to go up to meet that dirt road. Turn left when you reach it and 50 meters further on your right you will see Kallikratis. Pass the fence and start descending towards it.

DAY 24
Alternative from Kallergi: from the Kallegi refuge to Omalos it is much nicer (avoiding tarmac) to go over the Koukoule path. Well marked. But be careful.


Change the description of the book: “From Askifou-Ammoudari to Imbros, where the gorge begins, there are 5 km, and, to avoid the busy tarmac road, you can walk on the dust road in the middle of the little valley (it’s easy to reach also from Lefkoritis Resort, going down inside the valley). In Imbros…”

Some walkers wrote us that in the second part of this day, after Komitates, is not possible to follow the way to avoid tarmac, because of new fences, in the area of the concrete barn, so they had to go back to the main road. We’ll check this part next winter.