From Christopher Somerville

Dear Luca,
Here I am at Chrisoskalitisas, 20 years after walking E4. I bought your wonderful book “The Cretan Way” in Paleochora, and I am delighted to see that you mentioned my book “The Golden Step” (Lo Scalino D’oro) in the Bibliography.

Ever since finishing my adventure I have been wishing that someone would write a proper walking guidebook to E4 … and now you have! Not just a guidebook, but a beautifully written book of ideas, observations and stories.

E4 is still one big opportunity not yet properly realised by the Cretans, and it probably never will be. But it remains the most personally important walk I have ever done, and the one closest to my heart.

So thank you so much for reminding me how hard and how good it is to walk it, and I hope many others will follow your Cretan Way more safely and confidently than I did all those years ago!

With very good wishes,

Christopher Somerville